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Evangeline Ray Kasper in her new Batavia home!

September 14, 2011















YES!  Alright seriously, I think I need to figure out a preset on my editing programs to automatically detect the blue in people’s eyes so I can adjust accordingly….because as you can plainly see, Evie has the craziest blue eyes.  Wow.  Her parents did a good job don’t you think?


It was great to see the Kaspers the other day at their new home in Batavia, and then on top off all that incredible stuff, I got to hang out with Evie.  Who coincidently turned in to a small person since the last time I saw her for her family portraits.  She’s so adorable, just watching her pull every shoe and ball out.  You just wanna study what she’s doing.  So fun.


I would say one of my favorite things about baby portraits is seeing what parts of the parent end up with their kid.  Granted, I can’t say Evie is adorable from just one parent.  As you can plainly see, Kasper must be Ugaritic for super attractive and awesome.  Viewers: Tell me what you think Evie gets from each parent!

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