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The Headshot Miracle

December 20, 2011
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So here we are.  This image below is what’s behind my office.  Super muddy, dead trees…just gross stuff.  Right? Right? Well.  Here’s one little secret.






And over the past few months, I have had people ask for headshots real quick.  No problem!  Let’s go out back.  Haha, I really should have some camera video taping their reactions when I bring people back here.  “So uh, where….can…we go?”  Granted, this first shot was when we had a little more green, but still you will get the idea on the other ones.  It’s hilarious.










For those that take the risk and ask about what gear I use and why I use what I use (I will talk your ear off) …I always end up talking up my baby, the Canon 85 1.2L II lens.  This is THE portrait lens of choice for me.  Here she is (taken with my 35 1.4L lens):





Quite a few reasons to why this will automatically go on my camera when I do a headshot.
-First off, in my location situation, the 1.2 means that there will be a very thin layer in the picture that will be in focus. The higher the number, the more distances from me will be more in focus.  So background really doesn’t matter as much….or I suppose differently. (A trick within a trick: when I location scout, I tend to cross my eyes…because that’s how the background will show up in the picture.)
-The second reason why this baby never leaves my side is the focal length is perfect for a great head and shoulders crop.  It also is more flattering to have a focal length that is higher, so there is less chance of a distortion on the edges (makes it kinda stretched out…trust me, no one wants that no matter how crazy they are).
-And of course, the third reason is this lens is one of the best in the business to maximize the sharpness that IS in focus, and retain the best color.  Because this lens is SO dang good, I hardly have any editing to do afterwards.
So there you have it.  Why this lens is my baby.  Like serious, I have diapers for it.

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