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Tyler and Dani Watson married in Chicago’s Mid America Club! New year’s wedding PARTY!

January 2, 2012
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I will say RIGHT off the bat…major props to the bridal party for being 500% outstanding for being outside for EASILY an hour and a half.  It was upper 30s, and look what all they had on.  Yeah, not so much.  Specially you, ladies! Wow, I still can’t get over how awesome you all were with this day.  I know Tyler and Dani turbo appreciated it!


Tyler and Dani have a terrific chemistry that I actually got to see even before their wedding, and knew off the bat that they were a great couple to be around.  Time after time, I was reminded on how terrific their relationship is.  Their carefree and overall love for life is such a beautiful thing.  Okay, remember that shot of all of them on the ice?  We got to the rink to maybe get a shot near it, or SOMETHING like that (They love ice skating big time), until Tyler just jumped over the rail and runs around.  Fearless.  Love it.  And right away, Dani runs out to join him within a half a second.  It was so adorable and touching.  This was probably one of the coolest and most symbolic moments for me about their relationship.  They are ALL about having fun, going on adventures, being so unique…but also how Tyler leads with his courage and strength, and Dani submits and supports him lovingly.  For the record, he didn’t really have to doing any kind of persuading.


After hour chilly photo excursion, we got back in, got these crazy kids married, and DANCED the night away.  That floor was filled no matter WHAT music was playing.  They just know how to have a great time.  The families were so incredible….I was just blown away with their love for fun and each other.  And even though I was a hired vendor, I really felt included and a part of this outstanding day.  Very touching.


Congrats Tyler and Dani!  Enjoy your trip and look me up when you’re back in the frozen wasteland!



Ceremony/Reception hall:     Mid America Club

Flowers:                                    Chicago Floral Events

Cake:                                          Bittersweet Pastry

DJ:                                             Music By Design

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