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Doug and Lauren Engaged!

October 6, 2014
Logan Square
Posted in: Engagements

Boy, we had ourselves an amazing Sunday afternoon trolling around Logan Square area. I’ll tell ya, Doug and Lauren are just the coolest cats…and I’m so glad we got to hang and get to know each other more. They are so rad together, and know how to have fun. Their home and surrounding area is SO dang cool. I loved exploring the area with them and find some cool spots! Looking forward to their wedding coming up next September!!/p>

DougAndLauren0001 DougAndLauren0002 DougAndLauren0003 DougAndLauren0004 DougAndLauren0005 DougAndLauren0006 DougAndLauren0007 DougAndLauren0008 DougAndLauren0009 DougAndLauren0010 DougAndLauren0011 DougAndLauren0012 DougAndLauren0013 DougAndLauren0014 DougAndLauren0015 DougAndLauren0016 DougAndLauren0017 DougAndLauren0018 DougAndLauren0019 DougAndLauren0020 DougAndLauren0021 DougAndLauren0022 DougAndLauren0023 DougAndLauren0024 DougAndLauren0025 DougAndLauren0026 DougAndLauren0027 DougAndLauren0028

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