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Dave and Zanny Kowalski Married!

Sep. 13, 2014
Married in Alphonsus Catholic Church, and danced in the Hellenic Museum!
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Any excuse I get to hang with these two, I am for sure getting after it. I had so much fun with Dave and Zanny it’s ridiculous. And I know I’m SUPER not alone on this. I swear, you meet Dave and/or Zanny and you’ll understand right away what I mean. I mean heck, just wait till you see the pictures, that will for sure get you started.

Zanny is a huge ego booster. I think that’s one of her many callings, aside from all the talents she has. You will feel like a rockstar being around her, and really she isn’t blowing any smoke your way….it’s all legit honest stuff. And it’s just always a party around her, so what more can you ask for?

DAVE is just a mega fun and creative dude that just GETS people. This whole reception room was all his handiwork with designing and casting a vision. SOOOO awesome. I couldn’t get enough of being around this dude. And of course, I’ll be getting after them both to hang after the dust settles a little from this adventure they’ve been on.

SUCH an honor to be a part of this wedding, and getting to hang out with some of the raddest people around. Amazing dancers, super interesting life stories, and a pretty wild crew to be spending a night with. Congrats again Dave and Zanny!!!/p>Kowalski0001 Kowalski0002 Kowalski0003 Kowalski0004 Kowalski0005 Kowalski0006 Kowalski0007 Kowalski0008 Kowalski0009 Kowalski0010 Kowalski0011 Kowalski0012 Kowalski0013 Kowalski0014 Kowalski0015 Kowalski0016 Kowalski0017 Kowalski0018 Kowalski0019 Kowalski0020 Kowalski0021 Kowalski0022 Kowalski0023 Kowalski0024 Kowalski0025 Kowalski0026 Kowalski0027 Kowalski0028 Kowalski0029 Kowalski0030 Kowalski0031 Kowalski0032 Kowalski0033 Kowalski0034 Kowalski0035 Kowalski0036 Kowalski0037 Kowalski0038 Kowalski0039 Kowalski0040 Kowalski0041 Kowalski0042 Kowalski0043 Kowalski0044 Kowalski0045 Kowalski0046 Kowalski0047 Kowalski0048 Kowalski0049 Kowalski0050 Kowalski0051 Kowalski0052 Kowalski0053 Kowalski0054 Kowalski0055 Kowalski0056 Kowalski0057 Kowalski0058 Kowalski0059 Kowalski0060 Kowalski0061 Kowalski0062 Kowalski0063 Kowalski0064 Kowalski0065 Kowalski0066 Kowalski0067 Kowalski0068 Kowalski0069 Kowalski0070 Kowalski0071 Kowalski0072 Kowalski0073 Kowalski0074 Kowalski0075 Kowalski0076 Kowalski0077 Kowalski0078 Kowalski0079 Kowalski0080 Kowalski0081 Kowalski0082 Kowalski0083 Kowalski0084 Kowalski0085 Kowalski0086 Kowalski0087 Kowalski0088 Kowalski0089 Kowalski0090 Kowalski0091 Kowalski0092 Kowalski0093 Kowalski0094 Kowalski0095 Kowalski0096 Kowalski0097 Kowalski0098 Kowalski0099 Kowalski0100 Kowalski0101 Kowalski0102 Kowalski0103 Kowalski0104 Kowalski0105 Kowalski0106 Kowalski0107 Kowalski0108 Kowalski0109 Kowalski0110

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