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Steve and Kristina Learnahan

October 4, 2009
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Good news and bad news.  Bad news…this was from September 19th.  Loonnggg while ago.  Good news, that means I’ll have a n update or two this week of other weddings!

These cats were a blast to spend my day with for sure.  I think I’ve given up completely on even acknowledging these guesses I liked to have on how the person would be.  Like, “would they be game for this kind of pose?  Hate it?”  I’ll tell you why.

I am finding out more and more people like these awesome Learnahan’s are cool with whatever.  Which gets me really pumped in ways, but also I still appreciate opinions from who I’m immortalizing on pixels.  I love freedom, but these aren’t really MY pictures.  I want to give em something that they feel they were almost a part of the process of getting into the pose…etc.  Whatever, there’s my brain spew for the night.  Chew on that for a few days until something else decides to show up.


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