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Sean and Katie Bock Married!

Aug. 15, 2015
Eaglewood Resort
Posted in: Weddings

Yes!! From the getgo (get-go? gecko?), this fun duo and I got along real well. Katie has one of the most broad understanding and appreciation for sarcasm, and uses it well. The back and forth is just ridiculous, and absolutely keeps things so fun. She cares for and appreciates all the people that were there for their wedding, and it’s obvious that they return that right back. Sean is right up there too with loads of fun and appreciation. He told me so many great stories of all these people that were there for him that day just to show how he felt about his buds and fam. Straight up awesome. And that was even BEFORE the reception… :)   Jam packed fun day, loads of GREAT people and celebration for sure. I’m so pumped to be a part of this day, and able to freeze these moments forever in time! Congrats again Sean and Katie!!!

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