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Thanksgiving is the time for awesomeness.

November 27, 2010
Posted in: Personal

I don’t know about your thanksgiving, but mine was killer.  Can you tell where I get my….specialness from?  Did you know that my grandpa was a photographer?  Surprise!!!  He’s just terrific.

This year we trucked up to Michigan where my cousin, Jeremy Heavey, works at a great camp called Gull Lake Ministries (  Out there we got to hang out, go to this new building they built with a huge gym, wall climbing, pickleball courts, volleyball court, inside track, snack shop…you name it.  Even though we had all that cool stuff, I would say it was just a blast to be around the crazy awesome family I have.  This only makes me more excited for Christmas to come around and see the gang again for some more nutty shenanigans.

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