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Headshot Mania!

February 9, 2013
Posted in: Corporate & Events

And of course, a mock ad to see how well it would work for a marketing standpoint!



Yes, indeedy do. Headshots are a BOOMIN.  This is a great time of year to get a fresh new look, and blast all your social media profile pictures up.  LinkedIn has helped some people get noticed by possible employers/potential clients from their intriguing picture, and sometimes it tells their story even before they view their full profile.


My goal is to obviously supply a great time while we figure out what is the best look for your shot. But also, I love to figure out how to show personality within the image, and display that in the best quality possible. I am so honored and humbled to have the opportunity to give this service to people, and I am SUPER looking forward to more!


For more information and samples, check THIS PAGE out. Stay awesome.

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