Robb Davidson Photography
Happiness and knowledge are like butter, they’re great but always better when you spread them around. 

I love teaching, talking shop, and getting others involved. Of course I have deep love and passion for photography. It has made me appreciate life more than I probably would have if I had chosen a different career path. I also realize there are others out there with different situations and levels in life. I want to help in any way possible.


This is not me saying I know all or should be the force to listen to. Hah not at all. I am saying that I have learned a handful of things along the way that could help others bypass some trial and errors. I have been asked if I ever hire interns or assistants in any way for shoots and in my business. Totally. Hands down. Like I said, I love teaching and getting others involved. (OH p to the s, be sure to check out THIS BLOG POST I WROTE before asking to help a photographer) You’ll notice that I do want people to have previous experience and knowledge (for consistency purposes) but I can still help out with teaching you what I know and do. Setting up lights, grabbing my labeled lenses, moving stands around are all super teachable things that take seconds. Personality…well, that’s all on you. And that’s probably JUST as important.


All applicants should send their resume to [email protected].


Here are a few positions and their descriptions of roles that would be an AWESOME asset to the biz:



Shoot Assistant

Second Photographer

Associate Photographer

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