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Will and Jorie Danay married!

October 8, 2015
Chicago Marriott Burr Ridge
Posted in: Weddings

Absolutely ideal. Will and Jorie have been so great from the beginning, and their wedding was a sweet finale. Getting to know these two more has been a real treat and a half. Will is a straight shooter that knows how to keep you in the loop on where he’s at. With Jorie, it’s quite obvious that he really cares about her and takes care of things. And I’m glad we see eye to eye on great suits.

All morning, Jorie and her gals were fun and bonkers. I could sit back and be entertained, or jump right in with whatever junk and they’d throw it right back. I’m so glad we had a good amount of time today to enjoy the entire day, and all the people that came! Jorie is so appreciative by nature, and shows it so well based on the person. Watching it go down all day, this was an obvious pattern of awesomeness. This day couldn’t have gone better, and their marriage is set to be even more great. I’m so happy for the Danay’s, and honored to be a part of the day!!

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Oh look, a building. Let’s see if a prism can help hide that a little…

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2nd photographer | Kevin Sherman
Video | FortyONE Films
Venue | Chicago Marriott Burr Ridge
Flowers | Walden Floral Design
Hair & Makeup artist | Total Image Bridal
Cake | Giardino Del Dulce
DJ | Admit One Djs

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