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Vince and Joanna Politano married in Michigan City, IN! FYI…this is my favorite Brother in Law and Sister…

July 17, 2012
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haha, Vince setting up the Photobooth!! He’s unbelievable.

Loved this shot of my pops…

First off, I’m sure you’ll notice I posted myself on here a few times. Well yeah, it’s my blog yo.
This day turned out to be incredible. Vince and my sister Joanna are awesome.  This was a total DIY wedding that had way too many cool things (DIY = Do it Yourself).  From the center pieces, the photo booth Vince figured out ALL on his own, and even her DRESS!  Yes.  You read right. My sister MADE that dress. NBD. {No big deal}
I’ve only known Joanna a few odd…27….years.  Let me tell you, each year has gotten more and more awesome having Joanna as my big sister.  She has a very unique way of teaching me about courage, strong will, the love for life, and caring for others.  It’s more unique than any other person I know that tells me how they would do things only because she doesn’t tell me how to do it, she just does it.  Oh, I should mention now that she has a phenomenal grasp of the english language and is probably wishing she could help edit my sentences. :)  She has truly been through a lot of super ups and super downs.  Through it all, she has most certainly become the best she’s ever been.  “Hey brother, what’s new?” “Not much, how about you?” “Well, I had to learn how to drive stick shift today because it was the only working car here.” “…Wait, you just…taught yourself stick shift?” “….Yeah.” It took me forever to learn, and she nails it. Awesome.
And wow, teamed up with Vince.  This guy’s brain works extreeeemmeeely well.  Being an engineer, he obviously has a great command on the physical world as we know it.  Over the past year or so I REALLY got to know just how smart this dude is, and all about his career.  It’s super insane.  High voltage engineer? Yeah. Precisely.  The best thing, in my opinion of course, is how his humor can completely catch you off guard in good timing. I wish I could do it justice, so for now you’ll have to just trust me and meet him to understand.  With that, is also his enormous heart.  He will never brag or tell people what he does for those he loves.  There have been so many times Joanna had trouble with a tire, or the house, or anything…and Vince will drive HOURS to just help her with whatever needs to be done.  He’s truly unbelievable.
They are so perfect for each other.  I am so happy for them, and I am pumped to have Vince in the family, and to be a part of his!! (his is HUGE! Did you see that?!?!?)

Love you both!!

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