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Trevor and Sarah Brown’s wedding out in Grant Park Milwaukee, WI!!!!

July 2, 2012
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HEY! Don’t spill on your dress!

These two are AWESOME! Eleanor and Marlo helped a TON with all the beautiful setups and flowers! They did an amazing job.

One of the most incredible and unique weddings, gosh…I love Trevor and Sarah.  I’ve known Sarah for a good five or six years, and we have that instant brother sister relationship. The best part? I’ve only been face to face with her under five times. It’s crazy how we kept up with each other, including hearing all about Trevor.  Sarah is one of the most fun and caring people you will come across, with unyielding energy.  She’s just a great person to have around in just about any situation to bring it up a notch. Seriously.


So of course, when I started hearing about this Trevor, I wasn’t skeptical…more just expecting this all star guy.  And it’s true, possibly an understatement.  He has a HUGE heart full of joy and servant hood.   I had to tell him to sit down when he wanted to get me food/a drink.  At his wedding. Ridiculous.  I knew he was just the best thing for Sarah, and she is to him.


Their nerd stories and talks are mind blowing…you can’t help but love it.  Both of their brains work SO well they really just dive in to things further than anyone I know.


Congrats you two!! Love you both.  I can’t wait to visit you guys when you get back!!!

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