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Travis and Jennifer Traub Had an Amazing Cantigny Wedding, and Made some Civil War Friends!!!

October 10, 2012
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Uh yeah, he matched his piercing to their wedding colors = pimp.

Look at this decoration!!! The stump underneath the flowers are cut up from their trees that were knocked down during that CRAZY storm we had a while ago!!! Such a GREAT idea!!





GORGEOUS lighting outside for Travis and Jen’s wedding!!!  All day long, these two lovely bunches of fun were super awesome.  I cannot emphasize enough how relaxed and just so dang pleasant everyone was all day. I really dig Travis and Jen.  They both have some amazing personalities, GREAT sense of humor, and really great with each other. They were so crazy about each other, and in the most real way possible.  You can just tell this is as legit as it comes ladies and gentlemen.

So after Jen finished up her hair and make up, we headed into Cantigny for the rest of the getting ready process.  Wicked awesome, they got that sweet cottage on the park grounds just north of the Visitor center.  I highly HIGHLY recommend people looking into this if you dig Cantigny.  Beautiful remote location for some great photo ops.  And if you’re really lucky like we were, you may even have a civil war reenactment that you can snag some pictures with.

Yes, it was a little chilly, but that didn’t stop us from parading around Cantigny for great pictures.   Oh my gosh, we were all over the place getting so many cool shots.  What a DAY!  The dancing was amazing, everyone threw down on the dance floor at some point, and the DJ even got out a bunch to bust it.  I tell you what, this was one heckuva celebration! Did you notice the table decoration?? The trees that were knocked down by that CRAZY storm we had a while ago were cut up and used for their centerpieces!  So touching, as Jen’s dad said that Jen always wanted to have her wedding in their backyard, so now she had some of their backyard in her wedding.  Wow.

Congrats to you, Travis and Jen!!! Thank you so much for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding, and I look forward to seeing what else is in store for you two crazy awesome cats!!!!


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