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Tim and Laura Muri Married!

Jun. 27, 2014
Stan Mansion
Posted in: Weddings

I do super duper love Tim and Laura. They are some seriously fun lovers. I am so happy for them to tie the knot this past weekend, and to have the most important people in their lives to be there for it.

Laura is so so so SO sweet and caring. She makes sure everyone is well taken care of and having a great time. She seriously loves her peeps for sure. I really enjoyed seeing her during the reception pulling all sorts fam and friends to dance with and enjoy some awesome moments.

And freaking Tim. HA oh boy he’s ridiculous. Always a great time with him, around loads of people, and knowing how to make everyone laugh. This dude was money all day. I love seeing how great he is for Laura, and vice versa about Laura. I’m a big fan.

This was a super fun day with SO much fun stuff to share. Please, enjoy like I had the pleasure doing. Congrats Tim and Laura!!! Hope you’re having fun on your honeymoon!!!!!

Muri0001 Muri0002 Muri0003 Muri0004 Muri0005 Muri0006 Muri0007 Muri0008 Muri0009 Muri0010 Muri0011 Muri0013 Muri0014 Muri0015 Muri0016 Muri0017 Muri0018 Muri0019 Muri0020 Muri0021 Muri0022 Muri0023 Muri0024 Muri0025 Muri0026 Muri0027 Muri0028 Muri0029 Muri0030 Muri0031 Muri0032

She’s such a cuddler.

Muri0033 Muri0034 Muri0035 Muri0036 Muri0037 Muri0038 Muri0039 Muri0040 Muri0041 Muri0042 Muri0043 Muri0044 Muri0045 Muri0046 Muri0047 Muri0048 Muri0049 Muri0050 Muri0051

CRAP. The veil blew off!!! PULL OVER WE NEED TO FIND IT.

Muri0052 Muri0053 Muri0054 Muri0055 Muri0056 Muri0057 Muri0058 Muri0059 Muri0060 Muri0061

This lady’s face was just outstanding.

Muri0062 Muri0063 Muri0064 Muri0065 Muri0066 Muri0067 Muri0068 Muri0069 Muri0070 Muri0071 Muri0072 Muri0073 Muri0074 Muri0075 Muri0076 Muri0077 Muri0078 Muri0079 Muri0080 Muri0081 Muri0082 Muri0083 Muri0084 Muri0085 Muri0086 Muri0087 Muri0088 Muri0089 Muri0090 Muri0091 Muri0092 Muri0093 Muri0094 Muri0095 Muri0096 Muri0097 Muri0098 Muri0099 Muri0100 Muri0101 Muri0102 Muri0103 Muri0104 Muri0105 Muri0106 Muri0107 Muri0108 Muri0109 Muri0110 Muri0111

Touching moments you just can’t pass up.

Muri0112 Muri0113 Muri0114 Muri0115 Muri0116 Muri0117 Muri0118 Muri0119 Muri0120 Muri0121 Muri0122 Muri0123 Muri0124 Muri0125 Muri0126 Muri0127 Muri0128 Muri0129 Muri0130 Muri0131 Muri0132

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