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Ryan and Katie Schultz Married at St. Anne’s Catholic Church!

November 10, 2015
The Pavillion at Orchard Ridge Farms
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I friggen love Ryan and Katie. I’ve been lucky enough to know Ryan for a few years now working out at the Wheaton sport center. And let me tell ya, it’s been great seeing him married to such an awesome girl. This couple is a great pair that compliment each other so well with different strengths and talents. Their wedding day was so fun, filled with all sorts of rad people I’ve known over the years as well. What an AWESOME day, great memories, and baller party. Haha, loads of hilarious moments caught you’ll see too…glad I know these people even better now.

Congrats again Ryan and Katie!!

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Coordinator | Christina Currie Events

Hair | Deco Adamo

Makeup | Deco Adamo

Ceremony | St. Anne Catholic Church

Reception | The Pavillion at Orchard Ridge Farms 

Cake | Touch Of Sweets

Flowers | Event Floral

DJ | O’Dea Entertainment

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