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Ryan and Heidi Aubin married in Chicago, IL…Amazing Marriott experience and ceremony site at St. Paul’s United!!

August 28, 2012
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Yeah, not photogenic at all. Oh wait.

YEAH that happened!

“Don’t worry, we’re almost there”

Wait, wait…I think I’m….

Yep, I’m falling.

Okay check it out. Wicked AWESOME Kristina Capozzoli of the Marriott hooked Ryan and Heidi up!!! All day she was a champ to helping this day go super smoothly.  She got a fanTASTIC deal on these chairs and replaced them within twenty minutes!!!! Just because she wanted to!! Come on guys, you can’t ask for anything better.

Yeah, they’re pretty.

This dude was phenom.  His poker face moves were out of this world.

HOOOLLLYYY COW.  What a terrific day that started in the Marriott, and ended there as well.  Heidi did all her hair and make up in the Marriott, and then we headed to St. Pauls for the ceremony. WOW was that a site too, huh??? Did you check out all that stained glass?? Okay, go back and check it out. I’ll wait.

I had so much fun with this crew.  It’s always amazing to see how such great people can surround themselves so well with off the charts groovy cats.  Did you catch their engagement session PS??? Go. Come back!  So yeah, got more of a fun scoop on them right? They are super winning in life.  I got to see them meet some guests for the first time, and also reunite with old time friends. Either way, they got to talk to all ends of the spectrum, and still were as thankful as ever that people were there to celebrate with them.  I was beyond impressed with how both Ryan and Heidi could easily meet someone for the first time and carry on a legit conversation like they were old time pals.  They are truly gifted there.

It’s people like the Aubin’s that give you hope for humanity.  Haha, they are so great, super thankful for what they have been given, and really care for those that are in their lives. It was so great to see just how prevalent that was with their families too!!  Gosh. I could go on.

Thank you, Ryan and Heidi, for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding and having a groovy time partying with you guys!!!!!

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