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Phil and Nicole Conte married in St. Charles!! Great firemen’s flair with great people all around!

October 2, 2012
Posted in: Weddings

Phil and Nicole are amazing.  I was fortunate enough to meet them at another wedding (Jake and Natalie, who are in their wedding!!) a year ago, and YEAH we totally hit it off.  Come on, how GREAT is their dog too??

As you MAY guess, Phil is a fireman, and the heart of a saint.  He and his boys are really something else.  We had a great time together when we were out taking some ridiculous pictures. There was a ton of fun stuff going on that really just kept my camera up the whole time to make sure I got it all.  Just too easy.


Nicole really gets it.  She’s WAY too funny, and says the right thing at just the right time.  Her go with the flow attitude was unreal, and also helped for when we got some awesome pictures in a park.  “Hey can we do this?” of COURSE she was game.  Oh!! You don’t even know the half of it!! Poor girl, Amanda’s dress had a slight malfunction with the zipper.  So here comes Phil’s mom to the rescue, and wow she worked some miracle out of straps into that dress.  And the whole time, everyone was so supportive and calm about it.  At least when I was in there.  :)


We had an incredible day, weather was completely on our side, and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I am so happy for Phil and Nicole!!!! Congrats you two on a wonderful marriage!! Enjoy Mexico and we’ll be in touch!!!!

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