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Phil and Lindsay Gomez married in the Seville Streamwood, IL!

September 27, 2013
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What a BEAUTIFUL day we had! Gah, and man alive Phil and Lindsay are super deserving of it.


I don’t know if you noticed a theme with the bridal party too, all the dudes are crazy ripped, and the ladies are mega adorable.  It’s funny how this has felt like a great extension on how Phil and Lindsay are.  Lots of family lovin let me tell you.  The speeches were incredible and special.  Moments were made, over and over. And I got to photograph it all.


Phil’s laugh is so contagious. I wish I could pair up the pictures of him laughing with a little audio snippet, cause it’s amazing.  AND speaking of audio, how GROOVY is it that he sang to Lindsay?? Yeah, turbo stud.  He’s just nuts about Lindsay…as he should be.


Lindsay is so much fun that you can’t help but feel this gravitational pull to have a blast with her.  All day long, I see Lindsay somewhere and everyone around her is laughing it up with her and having fun. Yeah, she gets it for sure.


And now, these two are out in Jamaica just enjoying each other so much. Even though they’ve been together for YEAAARRRS, they always have so much to about. It’s amazing.


Hey, congrats you two, and thanks SO much for letting me be a part of your day!!



Uuuhhh, WHOAAA!!!!


Bahaha, ridiculous.








Yeah, we were doin my fav: the wobble. Can’t help myself.



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