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Neil and Liz Stanoev Married!

Oct. 18, 2014
Ravinia Green Country Club
Posted in: Weddings

A beautiful spot out in Riverwoods IL, Ravinia was the place to be all day for this great duo. The day started off cold and rainy, with iffy possibilities. Thankfully Liz totally kept her wits about her and kept the ceremony outside. Oh my gosh, as the girls kept getting ready, the situation just kept getting better. It was SO fun hangin out with Liz and her crew…not only have I known a few from my teen years, but they’re just fun to shoot the breeze with. Both moms that morning were just so adorable in their own way. HA, so fun.

Then the dudes came in with all sorts awesome ridiculousness. From the getgo. It was great to hear Greg’s (Liz’s dad) latest drum conquest, family update, and get to know a few more dudes that mean a lot to Neil. Great group of guys.

We spent nearly most of the day outside taking pictures (oh my gosh their first look moment was so rad), little breaks in between, and then went right into the ceremony. As the day went on, it was so obvious how Neil and Liz made it this far, and will be so awesome together. Obviously I’ve known Liz for a number of years through my old South Park Church days, and she’s always been a super go getter with a great attitude. It can be dangerous when we have the same kind of humor, cause who knows when it can go out of control. ┬áBut, like, in a good way. Cause it’s awesome. And fricken NEIL is awesome in the same respect. He really fooled me a little. A LITTLE. He’s a happy, nice, awesome dude that has a great sense of humor, loves well crafted drinks…you know…things a real man should be all about. Solid. As the day unfolded, man he just pulled out so many great zingers….and oh wow. This dude just went nuts on the floor. In the best way possible of course. That was SO fun to see everyone enjoy the rest of the day, have fun, and be present with everyone that was invited.

Absolutely a HUGE honor to be a part of this day, and great to see some old friends. Not…er, not friends that are old…old meaning didn’t just meet them…er,….Ah forget it. They’re awesome, and I’m glad it was a great day for everyone. Congrats again Neil and Liz!!!

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