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My Boy Kevin and Alison Sherman Get Hitched! (warning, lots of pictures)

March 23, 2011
Posted in: Weddings

This was such a fun day. You’ll see the adventures we got to go on….


Had some fun pumping gas…

Getting some smoothies at Jamba Juice….

As many of you may know, Kevin has not only been an awesome friend, but also my partner in crime on countless weddings.  During this day it was so funny thinking in my head “Hmm, I bet Kevin already got that shot…”.  It was also a blast for me to get to know Alison more from the morning getting ready stuff.  I can see why these two get along so well.  Both personalities really compliment each other!  Kevin is one of the most giving people I know, with a mind full of knowledge (that I love to pick at).  Alison has an incredible sense of humor with a great outlook on life.  Seeing her calm and collected on their wedding day was great to watch as she was the one ON time!

If you were at the wedding, I was the guy who applauded her vows when she said she would be understanding when he wanted a new canon lens.

Congrats you two, I am SO pumped to see what’s in store for your future!  You both deserve turbo awesome lives!!!

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