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Michael and Jacki Van Hout Married in Chicago with a Fantastic Tour of the Northside!!

September 28, 2011
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Wow did this day turn out to be incredible!!  When I arrived in Chicago, it was a little….damp.  I went in to all sorts of hotels and asked the concierge dudes where we could go if it rained. Well guess WHAT.  Yeah, no rain, all fun and games today.  We had such a sweet setup: the gang getting ready at the Knickerbocker hotel, and then a block away was where they had the ceremony and reception in the Spiaggia dinning hall.  So in between we walked all over the place finding really cool stuff.


These two are so fun.  I got to hang out with them during the week before their wedding just looking around the area for cool stuff.  WICKED good time there.  It’s so great that they have so much fun with each other and their friends/family.  This day was awesome.


Okay, Jacki really needed to stop asking me if there was anything she could do for ME.  She cared WAY too much about other people, and possibly forgot that everyone should be pampering HER at HER will!  With that said, it just shows her true personality is super caring and considerate.  Even well in to the night, she drug me on the dance floor and we had ourselves a good time!  Her and Michael are such a duo.


When I hung out with them during the week, Michael straight up looked like an actor in some of my favorite movies with his Ray bans, wicked hair style and kicks.  I love his style, and personality that fits it.  The longer I talked to him, the more I wanted their wedding day to last.  He would keep coming up to me during their reception to ask how things are going, slingin the arm around.  I love that.  He gets it.  He is legit, ladies and gentlemen.  And with that, you have this amazing, outstanding, and dynamic team.  JUST LOOK AT HOW MUCH FUN WE HAD!!!!!!  Look at the dance floor!  They did the rock lobster!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats Van Houts!!!  I am so grateful to be your photographer and to be with you for your day! How about when you come back from Germany again we hang? Or I fly out.  Okay? Okay.  Ready BREAK!

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