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Michael and Andrea Tuomi married in Wheaton, IL and celebrated the party of their lives!

by Robb Davidson

July 31, 2011

















































Meet…Michael.  This dude cares about people like it’s his JOB.  Such a good dude, and all about being active, hiking, camping, and anything from Detroit.  When Michael was 18, he started putting money aside each year for an engagement ring.  After each year, he’d put in just a little more.  It’s cool, because he knew that he wanted to someday have a family, and obviously wanted to be ready for a pretty huge financial investment.   He was just waiting for the perfect girl. Enter Andrea.


Meet…Andrea.  Super fun and super caring girl, Andrea also just loves being active in the same way.  I swear, she is SO perfect for Michael having a great head on her shoulders, and a heart for others.  Her family is incredibly caring and fun, so it just makes sense how she got her personality.


Meet…their marriage.  It’s amazing.  I got to hang out with these two after their wedding with other people that were at their celebration, and WOW was that a great time.  Every time I looked over at either Andrea or Michael, they had their arm around some one, laughing at someone’s story, or giving a big heartfelt hug.  Their wedding was packed for a reason.  They’re legit awesome people, and it was an incredible honor to photograph all the love and fun that occurred in the day!
Congrats you two!!!  I’m so excited to see what your future brings you!!!!!

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