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Micah and Lauren Brown Married in Lake Geneva’s Hawk’s View Golf course!!!

July 3, 2012
Posted in: Weddings

Um, yes please and thank you.

FACT:  She was SOOOOooo adorable! Sweetest thing ever. “You wanna take a picture?” “Yeeeaaaaasssss” Gosh. Heart = melted.

This freaking place is incredible.  We had a gorgeous day that wasn’t supposed to happen, but guess what…it did.


I actually met Lauren a few years ago (three in fact!) at a wedding I was photographing (good ol Meladie Stark! She’s the MOH for Lauren!).  Shortly after, I got an email from Lauren to shoot her wedding.  Yeah! Solid planner.  And it showed…this day ran so smoothly we were just waiting for some kind of wrench to get thrown in.  I think also it was a combination of good planning and the right attitude Lauren had.  She’s great with enjoying the important moments, and the ability to cut loose and laugh.


I finally met up with Micah and his crew a few hours after the girls started getting ready. Yeah, it comes in handy being a guy when you need just under twenty minutes to get ready.  He’s so freaking cool.  I was so glad he got in to taking some SUPER fun pictures, amazing sense of humor, and gosh does he care about Lauren.  It’s great to hear some awesome stories throughout the day from different people when I get to talk to them.  Let me tell you, this is one solid duo.


I was so impressed with everyone being so flexible as the day called for it. The bridal party, family gathering up for pictures before AND after, and all the friends that were so supportive of them.  I can’t tell you what an honor it was to witness Micah and Lauren’s marriage, and how excited I am to see what’s ahead of them! :)


Congrats you two! Have a KILLER trip!!!

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