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Matt and Stephanie Schuck married at Eaglewood in Itasca, ROCKED out in the Pavilion!

June 17, 2012
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The ever so talented Daniel Sather in action doing the video! Love those behind the scenes, dontcha buddy? :)





















































































Matt and Stephanie’s day was so much fun.  We started out in a groovy salon about a mile away from the Eaglewood Resort called Le Bella Salon. It was so fun and easy to hang out with this group…besides the fact that I am a third cousin {right? Whatever…those family tree things never made sense to me} to Stephanie and Nicole.  It always makes for a better day when you can connect with the people involved with the wedding like we did. I loved it.  When I got to barge in on the dudes getting ready, I was facing a crashing contrast from being with the girls. As the ladies were just about to finish getting ready from a few hours of prep, the dudes were chillin out with tuxes on the hangers. Hilarious.  And these dudes were so great, a bunch being wrestlers and just outgoing as ever. Plenty of jokes round the table there.

The story is most definitely the kind where Matt saw Stephanie and asked some mutual friends who’s that cute blonde girl. After some solid pursuing, they were an item and a force not to mess with. Obviously Matt is a wrestler. Stephanie ruled the soccer fields. Easy common grounds there to just start you off with.


Come on. I don’t have to tell you that these cats can tear it up, right? I have so so SO many more pictures to just solidify their outstanding love, and passion for having a great time.


Mad props to Daniel Sather and Aaron Bean for getting some super cool video stuff that will be up for ya’ll to see soon! They even helped me out too! Good bunch of dudes.


Congrats Matt and Stephanie!!! Have one heck of a killer honeymoon!

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