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Mark “the Doc” and Maureen married in the Nature Center! First one in the Center’s history!

June 10, 2012
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This was an AWESOME day.  I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing Maureen for a few years now, as she is a fellow teacher at the same school my aunt taught at (happy retirement Aunt Joani!)  The past few years, Maureen and the Doc have been growing together, as they have now sealed the deal in marriage.


Really cool.  This amaaaaazing spot they were married in is basically their backyard! Gorgeous right? Well, it also serves a great purpose as well.  Because it’s nearly behind their home, they are constantly reminded of this day, and what it stands for.  I thought that was a really cool idea they had when they were planning this wedding.  They are both some of the most thoughtful and happy people I know.  What’s really cool is that they do it with their own style, making them a groovy team.  The first second of meeting Mark, a while ago, was enough for me to know this guy was the real deal.  You know what I mean when you can easily tell that someone is telling you straight how they feel? Yeah, it’s the doc 100%.  Which is perfect, as Maureen is also 100% authentic, with just loads of happiness and energy behind it all.  I can go on and on with great stories between these two, but for now, I’ll let you enjoy the pictures and some fun insights I had.


Congrats to you, Mark and Maureen!  I am so honored to be a part of your special beginning!!

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