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Kris and Rachel Zahrobsky Married in our Lady of Peace and danced in Patrick Haley Mansion!

December 17, 2012
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This day was full of awesomeness and sewing.  Yeah.  If you noticed, there a few shots of a little bit of a touch up on a bridesmaids dress…poor girl, they had to sew her right in the dress after the little zipper decided not to work right.  Whoops! Right as that was PROBABLY happening, Kris was getting ready himself, and a vest button came right off.  I think it’s safe to say that when these things happen right before a wedding, it brings good luck, because that’s exactly what seemed to happen.

Kris and Rachel could not be cooler.  I was fortunate enough to hang out with them in October at a Statesville haunted house event.  WICKED awesome!  They’re kind of a big deal in this kind of organization, and by kind of I mean really.  We got to check out the house from the upstairs view, behind the scenes, meet some of the workers, and get a baller group shot together.  You can tell on the day of their wedding AND when we were in Statesville, that these two are loved.  They are so easy to love with their addicting personalities and crazy awesome ways of life.

Their relationship summary: Kris has some medical emergencies a few years back, and it wasn’t looking too great. He said to his dad that if he made it out of this situation, he’s going to marry Rachel.  Three days later after a successful result, Kris got on one knee to exactly that. It is insane to think that this might not have happened, but thankfully this was MEANT to happen, and I am so touched and honored to be a part of it! Thank you both so much for being awesome and allowing me to be a part of your day!

::Special thanks to K Sherm as always for shooting alongside me::

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