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Kevin and Mary Fay married at St. Mary’s Parish and ROCKED out at Riverside Receptions!

September 2, 2013
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I’ve known Mary for a few years, first meeting at the Wheaton Sport Center. Ha, those were good times working there, right Mary?? Crazy. It’s been rad to see her and Kevin’s relationship really take off after they met.

Obviously you can tell how RAD of a person Mary is…lovin the good times, and being awesome.  She’s super athletic and has a easy going way of life. Needless to say,  she’s a great person to know and effortless to get along with her.

KEVIN, this guy is a rockstar in a suit. Or whatever he wears. Great great dude that I am so glad to get to know more.  He’s a brilliant dude (repairs submarines so whatever), and really great with everyone he meets.  So ridic.

Their crew was a SWEET gathering too. What a big barrel of fun they all brought. Dance floor, picture time, in between, everything and anything. RIDICULOUS. So fun getting to meet all their buds and fam.

These two clearly make sense, even on the dance floor. Yep, I did the math. It adds up.  Even though I’m bummed that they live out east, I am super jacked for them to be together and to have a BLAST being married.

Also super thanks to Mags for shooting alongside! Super duper helpful.


Congrats Kevin and Mary!!! What a super fun celebration!!!  Thank you for being awesome and allowing me to be a part of your wedding!



Hats off to this dude – NYC police officer…







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