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Keith and Chrissy Fahrforth Married!

August 10, 2015
Posted in: Weddings

Alllllrighty!!! SO! When I first met Keith and Chrissy, everything was awesome. Obviously. They are super fun, adorable together, love having fun, and surround them selves with great people. Yep. BUT on top of that, Chrissy let me in on one of her life’s dream…to become a photographer. Cough, so this is my first (actually second, posted on facebook a few times already…) call out on her bold statement. The way this wedding day went, beautiful details, so many fun moments….she would kill it. So, keep your eyes peeled on that progress.

Speaking of which!!! Their wedding WAS in fact incredible. I love shooting at Cantigny…and this was especially cool. They both met WORKING at Cantigny, and so they kinda know a few people. :) Keith is a blast to have around at any time. Stand up dude that really shows a high level of appreciation for who you are. And that goes well with Chrissy having so much fun and bringing happiness to others. You can absolutely tell how much people care about Keith and Chrissy, it was kind of a non stop love fest. That’s the way it should be, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Congrats again Keith and Chrissy!! Send me your W9 so we can get you on board! :P

Fahrforth0001 Fahrforth0002 Fahrforth0003 Fahrforth0004 Fahrforth0005 Fahrforth0006 Fahrforth0007 Fahrforth0008 Fahrforth0009 Fahrforth0010 Fahrforth0011 Fahrforth0012 Fahrforth0013 Fahrforth0014 Fahrforth0015 Fahrforth0016 Fahrforth0017 Fahrforth0018 Fahrforth0019 Fahrforth0020 Fahrforth0021 Fahrforth0022 Fahrforth0023 Fahrforth0024 Fahrforth0025 Fahrforth0026 Fahrforth0027 Fahrforth0028 Fahrforth0029 Fahrforth0030 Fahrforth0031

Thanks to the second shooter getting this awesome shot of Keith!


Wait, I thought I was solo for this wedding…

Fahrforth0033 Fahrforth0034


Fahrforth0035 Fahrforth0036 Fahrforth0037 Fahrforth0038 Fahrforth0039 Fahrforth0040 Fahrforth0041 Fahrforth0042 Fahrforth0043 Fahrforth0044 Fahrforth0045 Fahrforth0046 Fahrforth0047 Fahrforth0048 Fahrforth0049 Fahrforth0050 Fahrforth0051 Fahrforth0052 Fahrforth0053 Fahrforth0054 Fahrforth0055 Fahrforth0056 Fahrforth0057 Fahrforth0058 Fahrforth0059 Fahrforth0060 Fahrforth0061 Fahrforth0062 Fahrforth0063 Fahrforth0064 Fahrforth0065 Fahrforth0066 Fahrforth0068 Fahrforth0069 Fahrforth0070 Fahrforth0071 Fahrforth0072 Fahrforth0073 Fahrforth0074 Fahrforth0075 Fahrforth0076 Fahrforth0077 Fahrforth0078 Fahrforth0079 Fahrforth0080 Fahrforth0081 Fahrforth0082 Fahrforth0083 Fahrforth0084 Fahrforth0085 Fahrforth0086 Fahrforth0087

A good second photographer always has your back…

Fahrforth0088 Fahrforth0089 Fahrforth0090 Fahrforth0091 Fahrforth0092 Fahrforth0093 Fahrforth0094 Fahrforth0095 Fahrforth0096 Fahrforth0097 Fahrforth0098 Fahrforth0099 Fahrforth0100 Fahrforth0101 Fahrforth0102 Fahrforth0103 Fahrforth0104 Fahrforth0105Fahrforth0067

Engagement Session

2nd Photographer | Chrissy Fahrforth

Video | I DO videos

Venue | Cantigny

Hair & Makeup | Marci Viland

Cake | Cocoa Bean Geneva

DJ | Sound Check Djs

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