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Justin and Karin Uebergang married in Glen Ellyn Covenant Church!

Nov. 22, 2014
Reception: Herrington Inn Geneva, IL
Posted in: Weddings

This was one EXCELLENT day. I’ve known Karin for a number of years, so it was destined for greatness just based on what I knew of her. Getting to know Justin and his family more made it even MORE incredible. I’ll tell you what. They are both just the most fun loving, goofy, go get em, let’s have a ball tonight kind of people. That’s EXACTLY how this day felt. There was awesome bonding time with all the gals getting ready, a great message during their ceremony and vows, effortless time taking pictures of Justin and Karin because of how rad they are together, and just a baller night for the celebration of these two making it happen. It’s been great getting to know more of the families and friends of these two as well. If you see any of these crazy cats around town, you’ll be better off introducing yourself to them (even if it gets weird it’s worth it) rather than just pass by. Now, Justin and Karin are off to Australia to start their lives together. I’m so glad Justin was able to take time away from the farm out there to be in the States for this great day. Now he’s got a gal latched to his arm to come home with.

Congrats again Justin and Karin!! You guys are out of your mind awesome.

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