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Jon And Keira Married!

Sep. 6, 2014
Ceremony in Hammerschmidt Chapel at Elmhurst College
Posted in: Weddings

WHAT A DAY! ┬áJon and Keira’s wedding was just outstanding. We had a perfect day for an all day adventure. The personality of this crew is just hilarious, and you’ll see why in some pictures!

Keira is so fantastic. She had a lot of great things to include in the wedding, including her grandfather’s bible, a few details from her grandma (in her flowers, and other reaallllyyy cool details), and obviously a few of her own. Above all else, everything just made perfect sense that was placed throughout their big day.

Let’s get one thing straight. Jon has a sweet car. We used it. Now we’ve got the small little things out of the way, he is an ultra caring guy that just loves his people that matter most to him. A constant smile on his face, Jon is seriously a great dude. I’ve absolutely loved being around him every time I’ve had the chance.

Together, this team is AWESOME. Their crew of awesome gals and gents were nothing short of a big ball of fun. They’re just straight up nuts. Period. …..and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Loved being around all these great people, and such a great honor to be a part of this day!!! Congrats again Jon and Keira!!!/p>

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