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Joe and Annette Martinet’s off the hook wedding with a few surprises!

November 9, 2010
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They “forgot” one of the rings.  Oh look we found it in……











Some camera tosses….



THE Staley the Chicago Bear came out to visit!!!






Well as you can see, this wedding was full of awesome stuff.  NOT ONLY were all people involved AWESOME, they had so many fun things go down.  Joe and Annette are really great people that truly care about each other.  Lots of emotions that day, and really felt good to see both show it.


Let’s face it.  There’s usually a detail here or there that gets….altered randomly, throughout the day.  Annette was awesome.  She either found a way to fix it, or let it just happen however it should.  With some people, they aren’t always all about getting their picture taken…regardless of why you’re getting the picture taken.  A lot of times I feel like it is a sign of humility.  Joe is just that, he stuck it through though, was up for getting into some fun places for pictures, and having some fun!  I really enjoyed hanging out with these crazy awesome cats on their day.


It truly is an honor to be asked to photograph a wedding.  Huge compliment…especially from people that are as active and fun as these two are.  So thanks, Joe and Annette, it was an absolute TREAT and BLAST to be there with you on your awesome wedding day!

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