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Jimmy and Sarah Martin Married in St. Alphonsus!

by Robb Davidson

Reception in Hotel Allegro

Dec. 13, 2014


I absolutely love Jimmy and Sarah. I had so so SO much fun with them and their incredible bridal party all day. It was a great set up…girls getting ready at the Allegro hotel (amazing staff P to the S), and then we ended the DAY at Allegro. Makes it soooo easy. The church (St. Alphonsus) was just outta sight, couldn’t ask for better. Then we scooted our way around the city for some absolutely perfect spots for fun pics! Seriously, the reception after was just awesome. I can’t ask for a better way to spend the weekend. This crew was LEGIT.

Jimmy and Sarah just know how to make people feel so good. It’s so obvious that they love their people big time, and they know how to have fun. Lots of it.

Congrats to you both Jimmy and Sarah!!!! Enjoy your honeymoon!!!!!!


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