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Jeremiah and Megan Longo Married at Riverside in Geneva, IL!

May 20, 2013
Posted in: Weddings

Mad props for the spelling of “LOVE!”

This couldn’t have been more awesome…..

Oh yeah, I got knife to cut the cake….my sword.

Brace yourselves for their first dance…



Wow. Alright, time to calm down now.


They are beautiful, endearing, energetic, and all around ridiculous.  Jeremiah and Megan had probably an uncanny day for their wedding at Riverside Receptions.  The weather was  absolutely perfect, and everything about it was so much fun.  I love their family and friends too….WOW are they a freaking blast.  Jeremiah and Megan’s first dance was probably the most action packed first dance I’ve ever witnessed, and it went without a hitch (do I get points for the double pun?). And OH my GOSH the band was incredible. These dudes really ripped.


I will say, I cannot take much credit for these two love birds. The amount of direction and guidance I gave was next to nothing. I would get us to a spot, and before I even said a word, they couldn’t stay apart. They got cozy, goofed around, and gosh they just look so darn great.


I am so happy for these two, as their future seems so radical. They both have some unbelievable personalities and character that compliment each other perfectly. Congrats Jeremiah and Megan!!!!! Thank you again so much for being so radical and letting me be a part of your unforgettable day

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