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Jake and Natalie Rigert married in Davenport, IA. Incredible people inside and out, and a really awesome story.

September 25, 2011
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Incredible day full of amazing people.  Loads of great stories, tons of laughter, and a hard drive full of great memories.  But one story in particular really stands out to me that is really incredible.  About a year ago, Natalie’s father was in a life threatening accident that he shouldn’t have even come out of it alive.  Even after that miracle in itself, he was told he was not going to walk again; including walking his daughter down the aisle and having their dance together.  Go ahead and check back in the pictures and tell me what you see.  Yep, he did both of those.  Great great GREAT guy too, really neat person to talk to.


Here’s Jake and Natalie’s engagement session we did recently!


When I get to photograph someone’s engagement session we get to know each other and find out some cool stuff about each other’s lives.  But that’s only for an hour or two at best.  On a wedding day, you see all sorts of awesomeness come out.  I’m telling you right now if you look through the shots I got of Natalie with her girls she is laughing in nearly every one of them.  And I mean, because this girl has so much pure joy and happiness she can’t help but just express it.  That and of course her bridesmaids were unbelievable.  It was a lineup that normally you should hold bridal auditions for or something.  I loved hanging out with them and getting beautiful images.  Natalie knows what’s up…She was up for all sorts of fun and adventures when we took pictures and experienced her wedding to its fullest.  Every person she saw she was soooo excited and happy.  She’s just so dang adorable, isn’t she?  How about that DANG! spray paint next to them?  Does that NOT work???? HA!


Jake is the man.  Straight up.  If you started talking to him you would think he was over 30 with how well he presents himself, and still caring about who you are.  Because I studied Communications in College I tend to notice how people talk to one another, and I will say that Jake is incredible.  It’s the little things even that he does like using your name in multiple sentences, not using general statements that could apply to anyone else.  This guy seriously gets people.  Each dude he had surrounding him reflected that well too.  They were incredible together.  All his groomsmen fit together so well and complimented Jake’s personality perfectly.  Absolutely ridiculous crew.


Good job you guys, thank you for letting me be a part of your day!  You’re turbo awesome, and hope I can keep seeing more updates of your rockstar lives!  Congrats!







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