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Evan and Margeaux Married!

September 23, 2015
Esplanade Lakes
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What a great day for Evan and Margeaux! Things were smooth all day staying at the Esplanade Lakes in Downers Grove. So Margeaux has a sweet background in modeling back in the day, and it obviously played out nicely all day. HA such a natural. And Evan too was solid in front of the camera, being his natural cool fun self. Their bridal party was just that. A total party. Even from the beginning with some of the girls busting on gangnam style, we had ourselves a grand ol time. Ohhhh my gosh wait till the end too with some of those fun end of the night events with people outside. Alright alright enough of me talking, I’ll let the pictures show you how great they are.


Congrats again Evan and Margeaux!!!





Venue | Esplanade Lakes
Wedding Coordinator | WeddingNow
Hair | Chris Curse & Co.
Make up | Triphena Johnson Makeup Pro
Flowers | Floral Events
Officiant | Robert DeSalvo
DJ | Bluewater Kings Band

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