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Eric and Tracy Married!

July 7, 2015
Danada House Wheaton, IL
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OH yes!!! This was a beautiful day from beginning to end. Eric and Tracy really did a great job of getting the details to their personalities, and not getting lost in all the planning. It’s been so great getting to know them over the time we’ve met for their wedding! With their engagement session really setting the pace for today, I knew how fun their wedding would be. They are so fun, love to goof around, and most importantly just NUTS about each other. It was so nice that they were able to be with each other for the majority of the day, and able to actually talk about how fun the rest of their lives will be.


Congrats Eric and Tracy!!! It’s been so awesome getting to know you more, and seeing your relationship kick in to high gear for the rest of your lives!



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