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Doug and Lauren Steinbeck married in St. Joseph’s!

October 21, 2015
Reception at River Roast
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A great day to be in Chicago! The weather was perfect all day, and we had lots of bonus events work out so well! Oh my gosh…so Lauren is obviously passionate about her dogs…and animals in general (obviously with her baller career in that world) and we had a chance to include her pup Humphrey!! Not exactly the smallest guy, but one of the most lovable. :) After that, we toured around the city. Right before cocktails….we jumped on a water taxi for some chill time on the river. Greatness obviously came from that as well, and danced the rest of the night! Lots of ridiculous and fun stuff to roll your eyeballs around!

I’m so happy for Doug and Lauren to be married and moving on to the next phase in their life! It’s been great getting to know them, and enjoying the chance to see some familiar faces from years back! (Yeah, looking at you Steph, Lindsay, Doug, Tom) Congrats again Doug and Lauren!!


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Getting ready | The Westin Chicago River North

Hair | Fix Hair Studio

Makeup | Christine Stahl

Flowers | Blue Daisy

Ceremony | St. Joseph Church

Reception | River Roast Chicago

Cake | West Town Bakery

DJ | Monastero Entertainment

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