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Dennis and Caitlyn Married in Independence Grove!! Very sneaky wedding…

April 8, 2013
Posted in: Weddings

HEY that goose just….HEY COME BACK HERE.




This was a radical day with some radical people.  Bridesmaid: “Hey Caitlyn, want me to help you get in your dress?” “….why?” Heads off to get in her dress.


I’ve known Caitlyn for a few years, as we both went to Judson a few years back.  We both did the art dealio, her more in the video world, and I was in just a general communications route.  She is absolutely HILARIOUS if you can’t tell already, and she has really found someone ultra perfect.  Dennis is right in the same realm. Ha, oh my GOSH I had a blast getting to know him more and just being convinced over and over that he is awesome. Racing cars? Working on them?? Yeah that’s sweet.


The weather for their wedding was pretty outstanding. Flirting around 60, no rain, and calm air makes for a great day.  We were fortunate enough to get outside for some sweet pictures and check out the grounds for Independence Grove! What a sweet spot. And I’ll tell you what, amazing staff, super helpful, and knew what they were doing.


A super shout out to Elite DJs (Chris Colton) for throwing DOWN and getting on the dance floor himself! Really awesome guy.


Congrats Dennis and Caitlyn!!! You had a great day, with lots of loving people and perfect weather!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip when you guys get back!!

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