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Denis And Kadee Bahic Married in the Morton Arboretum Hedge Gardens!!! Great family reunions!

September 9, 2012
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A day that was supposed to be completely rained out turned out to be one of the most ideal weather conditions imaginable.  No rain, 73 degrees, and a truckload of amazing people.  And these are just a FEW of all the great shots we got during the day.


Denis and Kadee are so phenom.  They run a groovy granite and marble company like clockwork.  I can relate well to them both in different areas in life.


The day started out so comfortable and relaxed, as Kadee was so chill and awesome.  Things flowed so well as the girls got ready, and had some fun with the day ahead.  Kadee really is so dang likable with a certain sense of realness and care for others, and that was so obvious throughout the entire day.  She has a great set of friends and fam by her side to help out whenever she needed anything.  Everyone pulled together and took care of any last minute details like it was meant to happen that way.


Denis is a machine. He loves his work, and chooses to be so involved with it.  I’ve never seen a guy get so much out of the day.  So I met up with him and all his boys a little before the ceremony, and wow was that a great time.  They are all such good guys that got along so easily.  Like Denis, they are super easy to get to know, and as legit as they come.  Lots of people traveled from afar that haven’t seen Denis or his family in over 15 to 20 years, so it was an awesome reunion as well!


Lots of the pictures throughout the night were of different groups of people because of their strong relationships they’ve developed over the years.  I have countless shots of different collections of people, and each one is thankfully forever cherished.  Those Bosnian and Polish families really know how to get down and have a BLAST together! Holy cow. Of course I joined them after the reception was over for more time to hang with the people.  They’re awesome.


Thank you so much Denis and Kadee for an amazing day and a great friendship! We’ll be talking soon!

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