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Dave and Molly Married!

November 6, 2015
Hyatt Lodge Mcdonald's Corporate Campus
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What an absolutely incredible day. I knew this would be a great day, ever since we first met from their consultation. Molly is so endearing/super DUPER fun, and Dave has this way of having his ridiculous sneak up on you. It’s incredible. These two together make as much sense as toast and jam, which is fitting cause that’s their DJ. The day went great, and lots of people were there for them. They’re ceremony was really neat too with some effective props from McDonald’s (you’ll have to ask them, its great), and then the party was nuts after. It all made sense, and I couldn’t be happier for Dave and Molly!!


Congrats you two!!!


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Engagement Session

Venue | Hyatt Lodge Mcdonald’s Campus

Hair | Rosemary Monica

Makeup | Katt Philipps

Videographer | Lexoria Films

Flowers | English Garden Flower Shop

Officiant | Gloria Dei Church

DJ | Toast and Jam

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