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Cris and Angela Noble Married in St. Charles…Here is a design team to keep track of!

July 22, 2012
Saint Charles, IL
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HAHAHAHA Angela has so much energy…of course they had to workout with some lunges….I approve.

The “ADULT” is an after the fact laugh for me…

“Can I come out yet?”

Um yeah, they’ll do.

Oh look, just some cute kids innocently dancing and nothing crazy….

Oh wait.

I fricken love Andy. He ALWAYS brings a whirlwind with him when he DJs.



Reason why I say this is one design team is because Angela is an incredible Graphic Designer doing freelance work and for FONA international, and Cris is an ingenious programmer and in coding.  If you see any drastically awesome changes to this very site you’re on, it’s gonna be because of them.


Apart from the design realm, Angela is just a downright awesome person that is a ton of fun to be around.   I don’t know if you can tell in the pictures {sarcasm} how every moment was so dang enjoyable.  She really has a great eye for things, and this wedding was living proof of that.  Ever since I met her at Judson years ago, she has always been a super creative and well thought out person.


Cris has been one rad person to keep learning about.  This dude is a walking phenom with not only having a great mind to program/code/make crazy awesome spreadsheets with formulas all over the place for organizational purposes, this dude is active as ever.  Growing up, Cris freaking played lacrosse AND I’m pretty sure he skied.  Yeah. Come on.


We had such an incredible time celebrating and commencing a new beginning for these two.  They are SO dang cute together with probably the most heart warming smiles.  Seriously scroll back up and look at them.  Okay?  Alright cool I’m glad you did.


Congrats to you Cris and Angela!! I cannot thank you enough for having me at your fantastic wedding!!

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