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Chris and Liz Jannusch Married in Mt. Prostpect, and Found Ourselves an Ice Cream Truck!

April 11, 2011
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This was a killer day from the get go.  Chris and Liz had picked not only a great DAY and LOCATION for their wedding, but even all the people involved.  I can’t tell you enough about all the fun times we had with getting pictures, or just hanging out for the day.  Talk about luck with the ice cream truck, huh???  It was so nice to have plenty of time to go from place to place with the ability to just see something awesome like this and use it!  Having as many incredible family and friends as Chris and Liz have, I wanted to make sure there was enough time for them to see everyone and chill out.  I would say we had the perfect amount of time for everything on their special day.

These two make a great team.  It’s not like one is picking up the slack for the other, but rather they just know what they’re best at.  It was really cool to see them in action together.  Thanks you two for a great day, loads of laughter, and just a ton of fun.  Good luck in your marriage!!!  It’s gonna be a blast.

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