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Chris and Kaitlyn Nickell married in Culver Indiana and ROCKED at Swan Lake in Plymouth!

October 10, 2013
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OKAY. okay. Sorry I’m still calming down from this.  Oh wait wait hang on check this little gem out…hilarious: OH YEAH

I love Chris and Kaitlyn. I’ve had the absolute PLEASURE being around them at a few other weddings (Joe & Monica Holmes, and Bret and Lauren Kehoe).  They are so fun.  This day was absolutely no exception.  Loads of amazing and familiar faces filled this day with awesomeness. I can’t express enough how great of a day we had.  Kaitlyn freaking rocks. She is absolutely rad.  AND she obviously perfect for Chris. And he to her. (He to her? Really Robb? Whatever I already typed it.) Kaitlyn is such a super fun loving person that is crazy fun herself. All morning getting ready was hilarious with loads of fun times. HA I totally have pictures of her DRIBBLING butter on bread. HAHA serious.  Anyway, our day was awesome with Kaitlyn showin up ON A BOAT. Yeah, she’s cool.

AND yes, Chris. This kid. YO check it out…we WENT TO FIRST GRADE TOGETHER. Ha, the best part is that we discovered this when we were talking about their wedding. First grade, Mrs. Allmart, graduation class of ’04. Amazing. This guy is the bees knees. Get ready to see some amazing stuff when you scroll down (Oh my gosh I keep forgetting you haven’t seen all these other shots yet!!! Seriously nuts.).  Chris is a phenom guy who loves the people around him and ALWAYS brings a party with him.  This is just WHO HE IS. No joke. So as you can obviously figure out, these Nickells are no dime a dozen duo. (see what I did there?)

Their friends and family are so insanely amazing. I love hanging out all day with them, and I FRICKEN CAN’T WAIT to hang out with them some more. Such an amazing bridal party, and close friends that I keep getting to see. Warms my heart. Okay time for me to shut up so you can see these rad pics. CONGRATS Chris and Kaitlyn you’re the best!!!!



There’s a mom in there somewhere….


He was there for support.





Kaitlyn made these cufflinks for Chris!!!! GAH so cool. Map of where we are!


Gah. I love them.


So me being so adventurous decided to back up one step too far into the water. Here’s the last shot I took as I went down:





Selfies? OKAY.


Taking pictures in the boat was a hit.



HAHAHA I love these reactions from throwing the camera in the air:


Probably some of the most….athletic dance floor I’ve ever been on:





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