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Brandon and Stacy Burgos Married!!

Aug. 31, 2014
Geneva Ridge Resort
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At long last. I’ve been heckling and tormenting poor Stacy for years since we worked at the Wheaton Sport Center back in the day. Seriously, moving her car to another lot without saying anything, booby trapping who knows what…it happened.  And through it all, here we are. Now looking past all that, I am SO thrilled about today. Brandon is such a great dude, and absolutely perfect for Stacy…and that goes the same the other way around. He has a great mix of easy going, but still cares about what’s going on. And not to mention he’s ridiculous, so that’s always a guarantee for an awesome time. And she’ll never tell you…ever…but Stacy is an absolute blast as well. One of the most humble people I know that is just a blast to be around, Stacy is pretty dang rad.

So as you can tell, we had ourselves QUITE a day, full of just open spaces to poke around, and time to get nuts. And yes, Stacy likes trees….I don’t know if you can tell with the decor when you get down there…

Congrats Brandon and Stacy!! Thanks for being so OUTSTANDING and having me be a part of your day!!


Besides trees, I’m pretty sure this was a theme of their wedding:Burgos0002 Burgos0003 Burgos0004 Burgos0005 Burgos0006 Burgos0007 Burgos0008 Burgos0009 Burgos0010 Burgos0011 Burgos0012 Burgos0013 Burgos0014 Burgos0015 Burgos0016 Burgos0017 Burgos0018 Burgos0019 Burgos0020 Burgos0021 Burgos0022 Burgos0023 Burgos0024 Burgos0025 Burgos0026

I’m pretty sure we started rumors in Lake Geneva about this happening:Burgos0027 Burgos0028 Burgos0029 Burgos0030 Burgos0031 Burgos0032 Burgos0033

Uh yep. They’re top choice.
Burgos0034 Burgos0035 Burgos0036 Burgos0037
Burgos0040 Burgos0041 Burgos0042 Burgos0043 Burgos0044 Burgos0045 Burgos0046 Burgos0047 Burgos0048Burgos0038Burgos0039 Burgos0049 Burgos0050 Burgos0051 Burgos0052 Burgos0053 Burgos0054 Burgos0055 Burgos0056 Burgos0057 Burgos0058 Burgos0059 Burgos0060 Burgos0061 Burgos0062 Burgos0063 Burgos0064 Burgos0065 Burgos0066 Burgos0067 Burgos0068 Burgos0069 Burgos0070 Burgos0071 Burgos0072 Burgos0073 Burgos0074 Burgos0075 Burgos0076 Burgos0077 Burgos0078 Burgos0079 Burgos0080 Burgos0081 Burgos0082 Burgos0083 Burgos0084 Burgos0085 Burgos0086 Burgos0087 Burgos0088 Burgos0089 Burgos0090 Burgos0091 Burgos0092

Obviously.Burgos0093 Burgos0094 Burgos0095 Burgos0096 Burgos0097 Burgos0098 Burgos0099 Burgos0100 Burgos0101 Burgos0102 Burgos0103 Burgos0104 Burgos0105 Burgos0106

YEEESSSSS!!!! I love me some Cutsforths!Burgos0107 Burgos0108 Burgos0109 Burgos0110 Burgos0111 Burgos0112 Burgos0113


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