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Brad (#3) and Katie Johnston married at Wheaton Bible Church and celebrated the night in St. Charles’s Baker Community!!

December 3, 2012
Posted in: Weddings

I’m pretty sure that this time of the year is off the hook for photography. Anytime there’s Christmas lights in the background, I basically feel like I’m cheating. So fun.


I’ve known Katie for a number of years now, both working at the Wheaton Sport center back in the day.  She loves to remind me of the story of when we first worked together, and when she asked me for some hot chocolate. So of COURSE out of the goodness of my heart I did that.  She never said anything about hot water though.  Katie is crazy quick witted and a blast to have around.  Incredibly kind to anyone, and really treats others better than herself.  Don’t let her sweetness fool you though, the sarcasm will sneak its way in and you won’t even know what hit you until much later.  It’s pretty dang awesome actually.


So when I finally got to meet Brad #3 (The first two Brad’s are Katie’s dad and brother) it all seemed too good.  I’m telling you that Brad’s hilarity takes the cake.  Well, I’m sure you can tell by the pictures, but also yeah his brain is outstanding.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Brad and seeing how perfect he is for Katie, and how groovy their relationship is.


This day was outta sight. I’m turbo glad I was able to photograph today and be a part of this crazy fun day.  Seeing lots of familiar friends, and hugging it out with some of the fam really just added bonus points to this already special day. Congrats Brad and Katie!! You guys are extra swell.

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