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Ben and Lauren Nolden Married in Sheffield, IL…and then AMBUSHED by Nerf Guns.

August 14, 2012
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AMBUSH!!!!!!!!! Love it.

CHECK THIS OUT!!! Her engagement ring slide in perfectly to the band!!! Totally pimp.

Too fun. Oh Em Gee.

This was one amazing day full of way awesome people.  You know, when I first met up with Ben and Lauren, we stayed and chatted for…Gosh, was it like three hours guys? Yeah, it was a lonnnngggg time. We instantly bonded, and it totally rocked on their wedding day.  Lauren has some killer bridesmaids that were super fun to hang with in the morning…and of course throughout the entire day.  They all fit together so perfectly with Lauren’s super fun and happy personality.  (Ha, isn’t Lauren a pro at posing????)  An amazing dress, super cool Toms shoes, lovely details…she really nailed it out of the park.


And, as you can tell, Ben was just a big bag of awesome himself.  I absolutely love confident and crazy people…and he fits the bill perfectly.  He also surrounds himself with guys that are as legit as they come.  Serving overseas in the Army, Ben and a bunch of his groomsmen became super tight as they served our country doing some of the scariest stuff I’ve heard.  Because of that, they are EXTREMELY close, and still nuts…which was by far incredibly touching to me to see guys take care of each other that way. And then shoot each other with darts all night.


What an amazing day.  The love and romance, the crazy nerf fights, the fun adventures in parks and downtown Sheffield, and the friends and family enjoying a night together.  I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my Saturday.  Seeing how WICKED awesome Ben and Lauren are, it makes you have hope for the sacredness of what marriage stands for. They really have it all.


Congrats you two!!! I am TURBO happy for you and we will be in touch soon!!!!

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