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Arne and Barbie: Officially Team Barnie at LAST!!!!

July 8, 2012
Posted in: Weddings

It fits!!!!!!!!!!!

Gosh, what a fun Bride.

Hahaha, as I pulled in to the church, this is what I was greeted with. Love these dudes.

Never shot upside down before….

Because Arne is such a rockstar golfer, they had a putting area for people to sink a ball to make them kiss. Amazing.

So cool…their engagement pictures were printed EVERYWHERE!!

Recognize them?????

This DJ was a STUD. I loved workin with Jeff!!

At last. Team Barnie is official!!!! (Arne + Barbie = team Barnie}  I cannot tell you guys how unbelievable these two are, and the people that surround them.  They had it all in their group: the crazy, the fun, the loving, the encouraging….you name it.


As you all should be aware of, this day was hot. Real hot.  Oh, and I think it was like 100 degrees, but whatever. {see what I did there?} I really feel like I know team Barnie so well… Between our AWESOME time doing the engagement session, and the time before when we were supposed to do the engagement session but got rained out and hung out instead.  I cherished this day so much, as it was so apparent from all of team Barnie that this event was planned from the get go. I loved hanging out with everyone that was a part of this special day, and couldn’t ask for a better crowd.


So much fun that was had, and I know will continue to BE had as Team Barnie becomes a real force in the world!!  Congrats to you Arne and Barbie!!! I am so honored to be a part of your day!

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