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Andy and Trish Guy hitched out in Milwaukee, Wi and partied on the trolly!

October 24, 2011
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I absolutely love Andy and Trish.  I’ve known Andy for a few years, and had the pleasure of getting to know Trish the past year.  As soon as we first exchanged our greetings, I knew that this relationship was something you can’t find just anywhere.


Andy is a mastermind in graphic design and print.  I mean seriously, his stuff is outstanding.  He also, coincidentally, knows just about anything and everything of beer.  At least the kinds you want to put any time into.  He’s freaking musical as ever, playing drums and guitar to get your head banging.  To be honest, you would think a person with this much talent in these fields wouldn’t possess a whole lot of people skills…but guess what: he’s one of the coolest dudes to know.  He is super personable, can hang with any walk of life, and his personality would fit right in.  Hearing him speak at the reception to thank everybody really shows his character in even another light.  You could just tell he was so incredibly grateful for everyone that supported them in their marriage, and how he cared for each person.  I was so pumped that we could hang out that night.


And Trish.  Wow she’s the perfect girl for Andy.  Okay first, check out their Engagement Session. Scroll down (well of course check them ALL out!) to the thirteenth one.  I took that shot not even seeing what the sign said.  Or least understand the implications.  Trish is a wicked awesome interior designer, and knows her stuff.  How GREAT is that picture, and how perfect these two match up??  Just on that alone!  Oh my gosh Trish’s sense of humor is outstanding: her brain works so fast and comes up with the greatest things to get people laughing.  All morning when I got to hang out with her and her girls, we really knew how to be ridiculous.  And yeah, she didn’t keep her dancing spirit in till the reception, it was all day…and I’m pretty sure that’s just how she is regardless of this special day.  Her personality brings out the best in people, including Andy’s.  I’m not kidding, they’re a fantastic duo, and destined to go places.  I really hope they open up a storefront that we had talked about long before….you’ll have to ask them.  It’s incredible.


You two are outstanding.  Thank you so much for having me as your photographer and being so awesome.  I love the pictures I got to have with both of you!!! So so SO great!  Congrats you two!

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