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Andrew and Hannah Dormeier married in Wheaton Bible, and party it up in the Metropolis Ballroom in Arlington Heights, IL!

October 3, 2011
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WHAT WHAT!!!  Oh man.  Okay.  Sorry, I just had to calm myself down after posting these pictures.


I’ve known Hannah for a few years now, as we both went to Judson back in the day.  I would say she was the first person I actually started messing with in a nice way of course.  I saw her working at Jewel, and approached her asking if she saw someone that looked just like me, only evil.  “Yes, I have an evil twin” I told her.  And then I left and came back posing as the twin.  Whatever, she’s hilarious and we hit it off from there.


Now, Hannah works at Awana as a rock star graphic designer, and the lead captain in humor and adventure.  She’s just a big box full of surprises and fun.  And yes, she trained the morning OF her wedding.  After seeing her hour workout, I was SUPER surprised that she could walk down the aisle! Machine.  We walked around downtown wheaton for pictures, and she was just so excited the whole time.  I’m just glad I wasn’t alone on the excitement, not even close.


Andrew is such a great match for Hannah.  I mean, seriously incredible.  He’s got an amazing mix of using his brain for doing work in the computer and programming field, and at the same time is super crazy active.  Granted he’s like 37 feet tall and can pretty much conquer whatever sport he felt like trying out for the day, but man this dude is legit.  He’s a lot of fun to hang with and to grab some pictures.


I really hope these two stick around here and come by to visit.  That would be tops.  Hey great job you two!  Thank you for making this day so great for ME even! Love the decor and your great life stories….and of course looking forward to hearing about your married life!

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